Les Boisés Lennox

Les Boisés Lennox is a real great worksite where we will start very soon in the district of Lennoxville in the city of Sherbrooke. On a land of 668 69 square feets, we will proceed to the conversion of the three existing religious building into affordable locative units.

In a first step of the project, we will proceed with renovating the buildings to create 63 affordable locative appartments. We have a conscientious spirit of respecting the nature and this is why we are inclined with developing an integrated project with a lot of green spaces.

Like many cities in Canada, Sherbrooke shows a very low inoccupation rate of the housing. It is exactly in our mindset business to offer more alternatives in terms of choices for the future tenants that we want to realize this project. It is ambitious, it offers a great vision of a common life between different people from different socioeconomic sectors in life.

Project costs: 70 million of dollars
Delivery: Falls 2023
City : Sherbrooke, Québec